Friday, 26 January 2018

Welcome Wreath

Hello , apologies for missing in action again , as usual I have got caught up with appointments for the kids and one of the dogs.

So I'll start by saying , Happy New Year !!!

It's been a manic time with the usual appointments with the kids , and then sorting out Lola my collie , she's now 18 months old and has started having a few funny turns which they think are focal seizures, so we've been up to see a neurologist near Liverpool , they have started her on epilepsy meds , and she is going back in Feb for an MRI .

Here is my cutie on a walk with the family and Charlie the Jack Russell

This is her jacket for on walks , she is so nervous of other dogs , so this helps as people notice the colour and stop and usually move their dogs out of the way.
Also in the run up to Christmas I was busy with orders from my Etsy store.

But anyway , I have been busy making felt flowers as that is my new love , so I actually managed to get a You Tube video made yesterday so I will share with you here, it's an MDF wreath base decorated with felt flowers and a few other bits.

So I think that is all for today

Catch up soon
Fran x

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