Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Little houses

Hi all, I'm slowly getting there with catching up on all your fab blogs. I've been quite busy lately with making things, I've done a load of Christmas cards and also general cards, but also found the time to decorate these 30cm high houses ready for when I have any craft stalls.
They have both been decorated with papers from Stampin' Up, that I've had for a while. It was just a case of measuring each little cubby hole and cutting the papers to size, and then lots of varnish !!!

I love them, my daughter has one that has not been decorated yet, but she uses as a house for her " Moshi Monsters".

Happy crafting xx


  1. wow fran these are amazing, you are so clever, what a brilliant and love that your is housing her little monsters in hers xxx

  2. Fab Projects love the papers. Chris xx

  3. Oh wow these are fabulous Fran.xxx

  4. Gorgeous Fran ,love them :-) Elaine xxx

  5. These are fab, I'd better not show them too my son or he'll want one for his Moshie Monsters too! xx


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