Tuesday, 19 June 2012

All pegged up !

Back again for the second post of the day. Over the weekend between looking after the kids and dodging the weather I had a crafty weekend. A while ago I went to a friend's workshop and we made decorated pegs. I have another stall coming up soon so I thought I would make some pegs, this time making them magnetic so they can be pinned to the fridge to keep all those notes tidy.
I've so far made four sets and have some more to go. Here are two sets of them.

These are fun to make and something a little bit different.

I also managed to make a card as well, (you can tell it was wet !!)


  1. gorgeous decorated pegs and lovely card too


  2. The pegs look fab and a great card xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Love the pegs gorgeous colours and the card is beautiful too. Caroline xx

  4. great idea with the pegs,love the card too

  5. I might make some pegs..... your card is really outstanding, i love the colours & the buntings x

  6. I keep seeing these decorated pegs and thinking - I must have a go at that - and never get around to it!
    Yours are beautiful - really, really beautiful.
    Love your little red bus card too!


  7. Fabulous idea Fran and your pegs are just gorgeous too.

    Linda xxx

  8. Stunning makes since my last visit Fran, I love these cute pegs, such a great idea. xx

  9. Love your decorated pegs. Haven't made those since kids were little and needed 'welly' pegs for school. Fab idea to turn them into fridge magnets :) xx


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