Monday, 14 May 2012

Three in one !!!

Monday morning has come round again. I am going for a three in one blog prompt session, I missed over the weekend as my son loves the computer and I can never get on it !!!
This is #12
I  have been up since...well very early and decided to sort out my kids toys! It got me thinking about storage solutions. I know I mentioned them in yesterdays blog post but blog today about your storage solutions for both outside and inside. Are you a gardener? Tell me more about life with green fingers. Are you mega organised in the house? Tell me about it.
Mmm not so easy so going to be a quick post on #12 I think. As I said yesterday I use magazine holders that I got cheap as storage for my die cut sheets it keeps them so much tidier, and you also can't beat a good shoe box as well.
As to be a gardener or green fingered, not sure about that one, don't get much chance to garden, hubby does that. The only thing I really like to try and grow is vegetables, I grew some potatoes in sacks a couple of years ago, very tasty they were too. Haven't had chance to do it again as we moved house the end of last year and not had the time as yet.
We are fairly organised in the house as we have to be for Daniel really, he likes to know where all his things are and we use a picture chart for him so he knows the routine for the day, although he likes to swap the cards around if he thinks we're not getting to computer time quick enough !!!
If you watch Creativity TV then you will know that Jo Austin loves to use her Xcut scoreboard. I was lucky to get my hands on one last week and can't wait to try it out myself.

Today's blog prompt is to write about your favourite craft product. It would be great to show us a few cards that you have made using your favourite product too!

Don't forget to link back to here so we can read your blog post.

Don't forget that if you refer to other crafters/bloggers/companies then link to them in your blog post!

My favourite craft product is the Ultimate Pro by Crafters Companion I use it alot for scoring cardstock and I also use the extra embossing boards on it, and the box maker board and also the bow maker on it is pretty useful too, it's so useful as it folds out and also gives extra workspace.
Here is a box I made on it and the flowers on top are from one of the extra embossing boards.

So how are you getting on with the blog prompts? Starting to give up? Struggling with daily blogging? Stick with it please. Have you noticed more followers to your blog? Are your blog post titles exciting enough to lead someone over to read your daily posts. Are your blog posts interesting enough to get comments? Today's blog prompt is - The day in the life of... This could be yourself or interview someone!! Have fun blogging and have fun discovering someone's typical day! How about getting a fellow Creativity Club member to guest post for your blog? Or do a call out for a docrafts demonstrator to write about their demonstration day?

A day in the life of .... me !
Well it's not very exciting but here goes......... Usually up just before seven in the week to get the kids up for school and hubby to work. Sometimes though my day can start long before that if my young man has decided that 2.30am is a good time to start the day !!!  Dressed and breakfast and buttie boxes done, Daniel is first to go at 8am on his minibus to the special needs school which is 16 miles away, then it's time for me to drop Hannah at school and Barry to go to work. Depending on what day it is I may and go and do the weekly food shop before coming back home to walk the dog. Usually some housework done before Crafting time which I get lost in for ages if I can. Then bit more housework and another dog walk before starting the school run again for Hannah at 3.25pm (unless she has after school club) and then back home to wait for Daniel who' s usually home by 4.30pm at the latest, two days a week he's not home till six as he goes with his family aide swimming or after school club. Then it's just a case of sorting school bags out, playing with the kids and cooking tea before the bath/shower and bedtime routine starts. Daniel doesn't always go to sleep till 10.30pm so after that it's bedtime for me as I never know how much of the night I am going to be up. And then same again the next day ............ see not very exciting I'm afraid, but crafting is most important in the day as it keeps me relaxed and busy after the jobs are done.


  1. You've been busy blogging today! Well done. It's quite demanding this daily blogging, isn't it?

  2. My goodness, you have a busy life! At least you find some time to craft.


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