Friday, 25 May 2012

Online or Not ?????

#24 Are you more of a fan of craft shopping online or do you believe in supporting your brick & mortar shop

To be honest I love to do both, my local store is handy when I need to pick up things like inks, double sided tape etc ...... whereas there are certain shops that I use online just because there is more availability of certain things, especially if I need something specific eg a spellbinders die or similar. They are also good value for money if you can shop around.

But then I also love going local as some items are just better viewed up close to be able to see the detail and wording on them, a picture online just doesn't always do the item justice. Also if you need to colour match a topper or ribbon you are able to put them side by side to get the correct match.

So that's my view I love to do both !!!! xxx

#25 Blog about your best childhood memory

The only memory that springs to mind at the moment is riding my bike down the path in the garden. My parents had a bungalow with a huge garden that had a long path that ran from the top of the garden to the bottom, and it was ideal for learning to ride a bike on. The other best part about it was that my Dad had planted lupins most of the way down in an array of colours that always looked great as I would cycle past.

Other than that not that much else springs to mind, but then it will probably come to me later when I'm not thinking about it !!

Right that's me for the day, I have a stall at the local Craft Fair tomorrow so I'm off to get everything sorted.
Have a good weekend all xxx


  1. Two for the price of one, Fran! It is so hard to raise up a memory when required, but the lupins certainly rung a bell with me, from my Grandparents' garden in particular.

  2. That's a lovely memory:) Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Love and hugs

    annie xxx


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