Monday, 28 May 2012

It's Monday again !!!!

#26 Are you doing now what you had always wanted to do when you were a child? What was your dream job as a child?
No not really although I always enjoyed making things as a child, I loved having animals and always wanted to do something with them, I had loads of rabbits and guinea pigs, and had wanted to be a veterinary nurse, but it didn't work out that way unfortunately. My dad died when I was 12 and after that I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks and couldn't go to school full time. When it came to work experience week, whoever was sorting out a placement for me at a vets didn't do it quick enough and someone else got the place !! Anyway mum and I had a smallholding after and had all sorts of animals. Then I left home and met my hubby and had two great kids and am now a stay at home mum ( as my son is autistic and doesn't sleep well !) and have just started properly trying to sell my cards and am quite content with what I am doing.

#27 Create a round up of all the crafty blogs that you have been reading this week! Make sure you link directly to the blogs too.
Wow I have been following loads of blogs lately, quite a few of them are fellow Docrafter's and also my Kanban teammates. All have such great blogs so here are a few,
Emma from Kanban Team
Jackie from Kanban Team
Jan from Kanban Team
Kathryn from Kanban Team
Lisa from Kanban Team
Sarah from Kanban Team
Sharon from Kanban Team
Vee from Kanban Team

Today's blog prompt is - Write about the post that has been really popular on your blog so far in May. Take a look at your stats and write about it.

My most popular blog entry so far is from the 9th May when I blogged some of my Kanban Design Team cards, I do this every week and always get some great comments (thankyou all) and lots of people look at them, but this week was the most looked at. Here is one of the cards again.


  1. It's because you make beautiful cards Fran......... I love visiting your blog and seeing what's been happening. You are one very busy lady with your hands full. Look after yourself and keep on crafting.

    Love and hugs

    Annie xxx

  2. 3 for the price of 1! I love the Kanban stuff. Thanks for including me in your blog round-up. You were also mentioned in my post for that day. There doesn't seem to be many left doing the prompts!


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