Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Blog prompts 8 & 9

No 8 -Today's blog prompt is  What book are you reading at the moment? Share a project inspired by this book.
Mmm not so easy, the book I'm reading at the moment is just a simple love story about a couple who get engaged then she decides that she wants to visit her ex's to be sure she's doing the right thing, only half way through book though so can't tell you how it ends yet I'm afraid, I have made just a really simple Love card .

No 9 - Todays blog prompt is based on quotes. Find your favourite quote and blog about it.
Who was the quote by? Does the quote make you smile? reflect on life? Get you crafting mojo going?

I don't really have any favourite quotes but when I was looking through my craft stash this morning for inspiration I found this quote which made me smile so I thought I would use that.

" Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower."  Hans Christian Anderson.

I thought this was a really nice one so I just used one element of the quote and again just went for a really simple card.

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  1. Great cards hun, I'm not a huge quote fan either but I love your choice

    Ger x


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