Sunday, 6 May 2012

Blog Prompt #6 - My 1st scrapbook page.

Today's blog prompt is to post up on your blog your favourite photograph. You don't  need words, the photograph can say a thousand words... If you are super brave and really want a challenge then think about scrapbooking your photograph onto a 6"x6" page or onto a card as a sentimental card.  

Wow this is my 1st ever scrapbooking page, scrapbooking is something I have never really been interested in, but now I've done this one I wouldn't say I was hooked on it but it might be something different to do once in a while.

This photo has to be one of my all time favourite's as it's very rare for us to have a photo of the four of us together. This was taken a few years ago on holiday with family, Hannah was 2 at the time ( she's now nearly 9 ), and Daniel was 4 (he's now 11 ) . We now never get the chance to all have one together as Daniel is severely autistic and one of us is usually chasing after him, or it could be that he simply doesn't  want to sit still for a photo !!!
I made it slightly bigger and it's an 8 x8. I hope you like it, I'm quite pleased with it considering it's my 1st one .


Thank you for visiting my blog today , I love reading your comments , thanks Fran xx