Tuesday, 1 May 2012

5 Reasons Why you Should Craft

I decided I would have a go and follow the Creativity Clubs Blog Prompts over on Docrafts, I started my blog a month or two ago, and at first I managed to blog most day's but then as you go along you don't always get to blog so much and usually I manage once or twice a week so this will be good to get me back into it. Lately it's just been when I have blogged my weekly makes for the Kanban design team, so here we go now following the title of this blog !!!

Mmm number 1 reason has to be it's theraputic and relaxing, as you will see from my profile our house is pretty stressful so crafting helps with that.

Number 2 has to be it's nice to see the reaction you get when you give someone a handmade card, as when it's handmade it's more special.

Number 3 it's nice to be able to share with other people what you make and get good (hopefully) feedback.

Number 4 crafty people are very friendly, and via blogging, the Docrafts Gallery, Kanban Design Team and pages on Facebook I have met some really nice people and made alot of friends, even if you don't actually meet them face to face, you can still bounce ideas and ask for advice and someone will always help you if they can.

Number 5 it's good to have some "me " time and do something I enjoy, and you may be lucky and be able to turn your hobby into a business if you wanted to , or even like me I got picked for a design team.

So go ahead and give it a go, you may surprise yourself .

And with all the lovely products out there you can acheive some lovely results .

So happy crafting xxxx


  1. Such lovely cards, I never need a reason to craft apart from that I love it!!! xxx

  2. Thank you so much for taking part! I love your blog post and I too have met so, so many wonderful friends through crafting. What a fantastic world we are a part of.

  3. Great post and I love your cards! How cute is Wellington!?

  4. Lovely cards.... and I agree with all five reasons!

    Christine x

  5. Fab post, I look forward to coming back daily Fran :)
    Jane x


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