Tuesday, 29 May 2012

It's Kanban time again

This is my favourite blogging time when I get to put this weeks Kanban makes on.
This week we all received some more goodies this time with the Cool Britannia range, they are so cool I just love them and have been doing some more DT cards with them ready for next week.
But back to this week's cards.

This first card is made using Calligraphy Rose-Cream CRD1454 as a background with some of the Victoriana Ribbons PCT1892 placed on top. I die cut a stem them made up one of the Victoriana Roses PCT1606 to place on the stem. I added a Victoriana Lace Butterfly PCT1891, and a sentiment.

The next card has been made using some of the Birdcages on Driftwood CRD1504 on the inside and Birds on Driftwood CRD1507 on the front. The topper on the front of the card was from the Beautiful Birds sheet PCT1955 mounted on pink mirri card , with a flower added.

On the inside I have added a hanging birdcage with a bird sitting on it and just some more birds and flowers etc added from the Chelsea Elements  PCT1950 sheet. Ribbon and Bling Gem5mm also added.

The last card has been made from the Cool Britannia range. Using London Skyline 900198 as a background. I then took some red,white and blue card, which I ripped strips off, and added to the card.

I die cut a postage stamp shape from Mirri card which I added one of the toppers from the London Icons Transport 900176. The sentiment is from the Keep Calm Signs 900177 sheet, lastly I took one of the flags from the Union Jack Bunting sheet 900173 which I attached to a cocktail stick.

Monday, 28 May 2012

It's Monday again !!!!

#26 Are you doing now what you had always wanted to do when you were a child? What was your dream job as a child?
No not really although I always enjoyed making things as a child, I loved having animals and always wanted to do something with them, I had loads of rabbits and guinea pigs, and had wanted to be a veterinary nurse, but it didn't work out that way unfortunately. My dad died when I was 12 and after that I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks and couldn't go to school full time. When it came to work experience week, whoever was sorting out a placement for me at a vets didn't do it quick enough and someone else got the place !! Anyway mum and I had a smallholding after and had all sorts of animals. Then I left home and met my hubby and had two great kids and am now a stay at home mum ( as my son is autistic and doesn't sleep well !) and have just started properly trying to sell my cards and am quite content with what I am doing.

#27 Create a round up of all the crafty blogs that you have been reading this week! Make sure you link directly to the blogs too.
Wow I have been following loads of blogs lately, quite a few of them are fellow Docrafter's and also my Kanban teammates. All have such great blogs so here are a few,
Emma from Kanban Team
Jackie from Kanban Team
Jan from Kanban Team
Kathryn from Kanban Team
Lisa from Kanban Team
Sarah from Kanban Team
Sharon from Kanban Team
Vee from Kanban Team

Today's blog prompt is - Write about the post that has been really popular on your blog so far in May. Take a look at your stats and write about it.

My most popular blog entry so far is from the 9th May when I blogged some of my Kanban Design Team cards, I do this every week and always get some great comments (thankyou all) and lots of people look at them, but this week was the most looked at. Here is one of the cards again.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Online or Not ?????

#24 Are you more of a fan of craft shopping online or do you believe in supporting your brick & mortar shop

To be honest I love to do both, my local store is handy when I need to pick up things like inks, double sided tape etc ...... whereas there are certain shops that I use online just because there is more availability of certain things, especially if I need something specific eg a spellbinders die or similar. They are also good value for money if you can shop around.

But then I also love going local as some items are just better viewed up close to be able to see the detail and wording on them, a picture online just doesn't always do the item justice. Also if you need to colour match a topper or ribbon you are able to put them side by side to get the correct match.

So that's my view I love to do both !!!! xxx

#25 Blog about your best childhood memory

The only memory that springs to mind at the moment is riding my bike down the path in the garden. My parents had a bungalow with a huge garden that had a long path that ran from the top of the garden to the bottom, and it was ideal for learning to ride a bike on. The other best part about it was that my Dad had planted lupins most of the way down in an array of colours that always looked great as I would cycle past.

Other than that not that much else springs to mind, but then it will probably come to me later when I'm not thinking about it !!

Right that's me for the day, I have a stall at the local Craft Fair tomorrow so I'm off to get everything sorted.
Have a good weekend all xxx

Thursday, 24 May 2012

My favourite Craft shop

#23 blog prompt is blog about your favourite craft store.
Locally I use a shop called Charlie's , that is a general store that sells allsorts but they also have a craft section which stocks Docraft goodies. I use it mainly when I need bits in a hurry like double sided tape or ribbon etc .......
Otherwise I tend to shop online using Docrafts and most often The Glitter Pot , the Glitter Pot is great as usually when you order it is delivered the next day which is very handy .
There we are that's my quick post for this one.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Docrafts prompts # 21 & 22

#21Todays blog prompt is... Inspired By Colour. Keep this craft related please :-) 

Things like this give me inspiration, I bought these "false" flowers from our local hardware shop, I spent £8 but when I have taken them all apart I have masses and masses. The colours are so beautiful and I can think of lots of projects to use them on.
#22Look around your home and create a card or a scrapbook page by being inspired by something around your home.
Only recently was I inspired by the design of a picture frame!
I can't wait to see what you make. 
My inspiration for this card has to be my daughter and the garden, it's lovely to see all the flowers and trees blooming at long last and my 8 year old loves gardening and will get out and help as much as she can, she also does gardening club at school on a Wednesday.

Monday, 21 May 2012

It's Kanban Monday.

Yes it's that day of the week again when I blog my Design Team cards for you to see.
First up is a card for the men,

This was made using Vintage Compass-Cream card CRD1439 as the base card, then I mounted some Mocha Calligraphy Kandi Core card CRD1853 onto some Gold Mirri card. I then mounted the topper which was from the Gentlemen's Adventure sheet PCT1885 onto the panel, and then added a pre-cut frame that I then added acetate to to make it like a picture frame. The sentiment was added to the bottom left corner and then using some more of the Kandi Core card, reverse side I die cut a rosette and added a button with string to the centre.

Next up is my favourite the Roses card.

For this card I used a Kanban Shaped card and covered it with Safari Wallpaper-Teal CRD1218, added some ribbon to the fold back panel and then die cut a scalloped circle to fit on the front panel. Onto this I added a topper from the Kandi Core Small Blue Roses Torn edge sheet PCT2326. I also highlighted the petal edges with a gel pen. The butterfly is from the Delightful Decoupage sheet PCT2302. I then just added a sentiment and some flowers that I finished off with some Bling GEM5mm in the centre.

Last card for today is the Stepper Card.

The stepper card was made from Simply Burlesque -Lace card CRD1699. I then added onto Gold Mirri card a Baroque Postcard from the sheet PCT1920. I had highlighted parts of this with gold embossing powder. This was mounted onto the largest part of the stepper card. Then I took a sentiment from the Simply Fabulous Sentiment sheet PCT2196, threaded some ribbon through either side and mounted onto the front panel. I then layered up a flower from the Mackenzie Collection adding a Gem Diamonds and Pearls DPS5mm to the centre and also adding a butterfly from the Mackenzie sheet PCT2241, again with a gem in the centre of it's back.

Oops time to catch up !!!!

Ooops time to catch up on those blog posts for the weekend, so here goes we have # 18,19 & 20.
#18How do you feel about spring cleaning? Blog about it! Mention your favourite household cleaner and talk about the advert that always makes you buy...or perhaps you just don't do any because crafting takes over your life!
 In a word I hate spring cleaning !!!!! Don't really have a favourite product, usually go for the one on special offer I'm afraid, sorry that was a very short post to that one.

#19 Today's blog prompt is a WORD .....
Using one word, describe yourself and then ask another blogger to do the same. Mention in your blog post who you will be asking to do the same and link to their blog.
My word for me would be ...(gosh this is hard) .... PATIENT.
And I think I will link up to Annie (sorry Annie) xx
#20 Todays Blog Prompt - 'I'm Thankful For...' and keep it craft related ;-)
I'm thankful for being able to do something I love (craft) and having a lovely hubby who understands.
Also I'm thankful for meeting lots of new crafty friends, and also having the opportunity to be on the Kanban UK Design Team xx 

Friday, 18 May 2012

Yesterday's Kanban day

Yesterday I dedicated my day to making cards ready for the craft fair on 26th May, I had bought a load of Kanban toppers, mainly children's and men's, off Ebay so I decided to make the cards up yesterday. If yo read my post yesterday you will have seen my morning's work, but in case you hadn't here is a picture again.

I had surfaced for a while around lunchtime to recharge my batteries and to come on the PC. Then it was back to it for the afternoon till it was time for the kids to come home.




So that was my day filled and I thoroughly enjoyed just crafting all day, BLISS xx

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Busy busy busy!!!!

Wow been having a crafting day today only surfacing now to come on here and eat some lunch.
I have been busy making up some cards ready for my next craft fair on the 26th May.
I'm also combining this post with the Docrafts Prompt, which today is " Create a cheerful card and blog about it. Dedicate it to someone special and write about you dedication.
AARRGHHH not sure about writing a dedication, but have created quite a few cheerful cards this morning and I think I'll cheat and just dedicate them to everone (sorry Emma @ Docrafts ) because we're all special.


These are all made from Kanban Toppers, great to be making some kids cards for a change .

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

To scrap or not to scrap !!!

Today's blog prompt touches on the subject of scrapbooking. I would love to know if you DO and why you DO IT and if you DON'T why DON'T YOU? This could be the opportunity for you to have a go at scrapbooking to show it on your blog.
No I don't scrapbook, apart from the one I did for a previous prompt.
Don't know why but it is something that has never really appealed to me as a crafter, but that's not to say I wouldn't give it a go once in a while, as I did enjoy making the one I had done.
I think it's maybe that I like to be able to make cards and give them to people and see their reaction to having a handmade card whereas when you scrap it's more for your own personal memories to keep to remind you of those special moments .
But that is just my opinion and there are people out there who produce wonderful pages, but it's just not particularly for me.
On a different note and another post that I have done today I have blogged the finished bunting from yesterday if you would like to take a peek.
And also thank you to everyone who has left me such lovely comments, I'm working my way round everyone else's blogs. xxx

Bunting Galore

Well here goes the finished bunting that I blogged about yesterday. It is card bunting rather than fabric ( I can't sew very well so went for an easier but just as effective option !). It is card decorated with Portabello Road papers from Docrafts , and the I just die cut some crowns and also some rosettes, then I just used garden twine to string together.  This will now go on Friday to decorate the canteen at my daughter's school.


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My Guilty Pleasure

Today's blog prompt is 'My Guilty Pleasure...'

Now you can make this craft themed or you can simply share a recipe (We love cakes here at docrafts) or a crafty project with us. It may even be stalking your favourite crafter and having to check their website or blog before your day begins.

AND Ask your audience what their guilty pleasure is and get them to add their link to your blog post so you can go and read and leave a comment.

I'm afraid I'm going to be boring and say my guilty pleasure has got to be .............. crafting !!!

It's a haven away from all the stresses of the day. Today I have been working on some bunting that I am making for my daughter's school for their Jubilee/Olympics celebrations, I haven't finished it yet but here are some pictures of the work in progress.

So as it says above " What's your Guilty Pleasure ? " Please leave me a link to your blog so I can have a look and see !!!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Kanban makes for this week !

Here's the first card of three. This was a fairly simple card to make but just as effective. I made an 8x8 base card then covered it with White Butterflies- Blue CRD1519, and inked round the edges with gold ink.
The topper came from the Regency Butterflies-Black sheet PCT1918, on the sheet two of the toppers are identical so I used the first one as a normal topper, raising the centre up, then cut out the butterflies and cut the corners off the second topper. I stuck the corners to the corners of the card and then just added the butterflies to the card. To make the butterflies stand out a little more I used an embossing pen and some gold embossing powder to give them a shimmery look.

The second card is a congratulations card,

This was made by adding Gold Mirri card to the base card leaving a border round the edge, then I embossed some Mocha-Damask Kandi Core card CRD1849 with a paisley embossing folder then before attaching the toppers I wrapped some gold ribbon round the embossed card before attaching  an Ornate Flourish Milk Chocolate Large Torn Edge Topper PCT2338. Onto this I then added a Delphine Topper PCT2121. I used a sentiment from the Safari Holiday sheet PCT1405, adding some Bling GEM5mm to either side of the small torn edge topper which I had fixed under the sentiment. A flower with Bling in the centre was added, before making some small bows from organza ribbon, which were then added to the dress and hat .


The final card was made as more of a fun card. I scored an A4 sheet of card into three to make it three separate panels. The scored base card was the Simply fabulous Gilt background card CRD1701. This was edged top and bottom with decorative strips off the Simply Fabulous Beautiful Burlesque topper sheet PCT2192. I the mounted all three toppers from the same sheet on to Gold Mirri card before adding them to the card. I then used a mix of Bling GEM3mm and Diamonds and Pearls DPS5mm to decorate the panels before using a leaf punch with Gold Mirri card to add to the opposite corners on all three panels. The card was then finished off with ribbon so that the card could be fastened up.