Saturday, 14 April 2012

My first Craft Fair

Well today I did my 1st craft stall at a craft fair run by the local council. Got set up ok and everything on the stall in time, but unfortunately I don't think they had advertised it that well as was quite quiet most of the day with people just coming in batches. I managed to recoup the cost of the stall back plus a bit extra, mostly thanks to people I know buying and my sister in law, thankyou all !! Got another one booked at the end of May so hopefully that may be a bit better, although on the plus side I made friends with the lady next to me who was selling biscuits.

In between getting ready for that I have also managed to get my Kanban cards done and emailed off, as promised here are pictures of the ones from the week before.

Have a good weekend everyone xx


  1. Stall looks very nice, sorry I didn't manage to pop in. I'm afraid the town council seem a bit rubbish at advertising things. Was it Nikki Markham next to you then?

  2. Yes it was, she's really nice, we chatted all day xxx

  3. Well its seems like you had a great day & your cards & crafts are gorgeous well done !

  4. Your stall looks great. Fab Kanban cards too. xx


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