Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Kanban Designs

Thought I would give you some more information on what products were used for my Kanban Designs.
The above card has paper from The Bloomsbury Collection as the background, the frame is from The Ornate Flourish Lavender small torn edge paper toppers PCT2333, the two butterflies are from the Victoriana Lace Butterflies sheet PCT1891, I used my own sentiment and ribbon and the just added some pearls PRL5mm onto the centre of both butterflies.

This next card I enjoyed making as it was a style of toppers that is a bit different for me. I used Simply Fabulous Gilt Damask background card CRD1698 as the base card, I used two different colours of 8x8 Kanban block of fruit punch card to make the semi circles, sandwiching a black feather between the two different colours, I then added a topper from The Delphine Papercraft toppers PCT2121, added a sentiment from The Safari New Home sheet PCT1404 and finished off with some diamonds from the Diamonds and Pearls pack, DPS5mm.

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