Monday, 9 April 2012

Catching up time !

Well seems ages since I have been on here, Daniel tends to hog the computer when it's school holidays and if I try to use it he then goes off and gets into mischief !!!!!!
Busy week with the kids, and also the excitement of receiving my goodie box from Kanban.
We met with some friends over weekend  and went on an Easter egg hunt yesterday.
I've also been trying to get everything ready for the Craft fair at the weekend. Hannah kindly donated some of her spare Moshi Monster cards and Match Attax so I could make some childrens cards to put on the stall, so that's what i've been making today, along with a card for Kanban ( which I will reveal another time I promise !!)


So that's been my week and weekend so far, and i'm looking forward to the Craft Fair at the weekend as well, should be good I hope. But most of all i'm looking forward to getting on with designing for Kanban.


  1. I'm sure these'll sell like hot cakes xx

  2. Hope it goes well!!

    Christine x


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