Monday, 4 June 2018

Late again ...

Hello , so here I am late again , well not late but missed last week altogether .

As many of you will have known there was a lot of storms around on the previous weekend.

We had a long storm on the Sunday that started around 3am and carried on till around 9am .

Lola woke me up at 2.30am , not long before thunder started, she was having one of her partial seizures ( she'd been 4 weeks free of them) , she could barely stand up and her eyes were flicking from side to side !!!!
I managed to get her to the sitting room and just cuddled her till she felt better, it lasted around 30 mins, in the meantime Charlie came through along with my daughter, they had the sofa and Lola and I had the floor. 
My son slept through it all and hubby heard bits of it.
Lola then decided afterwards that she wanted to play with her favorite ball !!! 

So not much sleep that night.

Parts of town were flooded as was our driveway , and our garage as we discovered a bit later.

Unfortunately another seizure hit Lola around 10pm that night. But luckily no more since. The vets have altered her medicine a bit so hopefully that will help.

Half term as well last week so busy with the kids, but I did manage a bit of crafting along the way.

I've been bow making, using felt.

Here is what I've been making.

I've listed them in my Etsy Store so it will be interesting to see if they sell.

The pink and white bow is on a headband , and for the blue set , the large bow has a rolled felt flower in the middle and that is set on a headband , the rest of the bows are on double pronged clips.

See you soon 
Fran x

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Bluebells and Dogs

Morning , yes I missed Monday again !!!

Was so bogged down getting all this GDPR stuff finished I forgot.

Anyway this mornings post is nothing craft related for a change , I thought I'd share my morning dog walk.

The Bluebells are out in our local woods, so this morning I thought I'd take Lola and Charlie up there before it got too hot.

They really are a beautiful sight.


See you soon
Fran x

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Sorry I'm Late ......

Oops I have just realised that I missed Monday's post altogether.

Monday was a bit of a manic day, we had appointments for both kids but in different directions !!!! 
So I went on the train one way and hubby went the opposite way with our daughter.

So other than that not too much happening , I've been bogged down sorting out all this GDPR stuff ready for the 25th May when it all comes in to effect.

But in between I have managed to list a couple of items on my website .

So that's me for today , I'm off to finish an order for a chicken clock .

Fran x

Monday, 7 May 2018

Sunny Bank Holiday Monday

Hello everyone , wow what lovely weather we have had over this Bank Holiday weekend , it's so lovely to see the sun.

Today I'm sharing with you a quick video of a wreath that I have finished .
The colours have been chosen to match the sunny days.
I have used Daffodil Yellow and Mustard Yellow.

The flowers have been folded to be fluffy, I'll do a video another day on how they are made.

So that's it for today , enjoy the sun.

Fran x

Monday, 30 April 2018

Felt Flowers Galore

Hello , I'm starting a new resolve to post a blog post every Monday .

So today I'm sharing a video with you of how I made a felt flower garland
that I have in my website.

But first Charlie and Lola just want to say hello 😉

Here they are on a walk with my mother in law's dog Sam.

As the title suggests I've been busy making my felt flowers, I love working with felt.

This picture shows some felt flower bouquets that I made for my mum and mother in law for Mother's day.

Here is the garland that I spoke about at the start of the post.

I hope you enjoy the video.

See you next week.

Fran x

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Update on Lola

Hi all , so not completely craft related , but I thought I'd post an update on Lola.

Well Lola had her MRI yesterday , brain all normal, they've diagnosed focal/partial seizures. Just waiting on results on spinal fluid in case of any inflammation. She may stay as focal/partial seizures all her life or it could eventually lead to full seizures, but they've caught it early and she's on meds. So a case of wait and see I think.

 I'm just glad that I am at home all the time , so I can keep an eye on her and administer her meds.

In the meantime I am working away on some new items , which I'll share soon.

I also need to get on with making a card for my eldest , he's going to be 17 on Friday , where does the time go !!!

Be back soon,

Fran x

Friday, 26 January 2018

Welcome Wreath

Hello , apologies for missing in action again , as usual I have got caught up with appointments for the kids and one of the dogs.

So I'll start by saying , Happy New Year !!!

It's been a manic time with the usual appointments with the kids , and then sorting out Lola my collie , she's now 18 months old and has started having a few funny turns which they think are focal seizures, so we've been up to see a neurologist near Liverpool , they have started her on epilepsy meds , and she is going back in Feb for an MRI .

Here is my cutie on a walk with the family and Charlie the Jack Russell

This is her jacket for on walks , she is so nervous of other dogs , so this helps as people notice the colour and stop and usually move their dogs out of the way.
Also in the run up to Christmas I was busy with orders from my Etsy store.

But anyway , I have been busy making felt flowers as that is my new love , so I actually managed to get a You Tube video made yesterday so I will share with you here, it's an MDF wreath base decorated with felt flowers and a few other bits.

So I think that is all for today

Catch up soon
Fran x